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  • My First Blog Post

    September 22, 2019 by

    Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

  • Need Advice to save me

    January 23, 2020 by

    Hello good folks Does anybody know of any Conservative Charity groups that would be willing to help out a Puritan in a dire situation? Where in the world would it be suitable for a Puritan to live? I really need this help.

  • Someone wants to be an Anglo-Puritan Saint

    September 23, 2019 by

    This Blog has been created to help educate about important Anglo-Puritan Subjects. Old historical figures will be the order of the day. Modern Political nonsense will be avoided and if broached will be discussed from a Puritan perspective. These times in the Anglo-sphere are looking grim for all especially Puritans. We are Damned. We need… Read more

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10 thoughts on “Puritan Hospitality

  1. Your posts are so inspiring and educational, I get carried away with reading about the Puritans and the brave pilgrims. To think about all that these people (our ancestors) went through is incredible.

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  2. Thank you Artwork

    You are brave having your picture on these sites

    No, my posts aren’t very good and it looks like my health will not allow me to make serious contributions to this blog.
    There is so much that I want to learn and teach about. I am happy to have realized that I am a “Puritan”. Before I had no historical knowledge of my personalty type so to speak.

    Most of the music people listen to is full of “sinful” rhythms not conducive to the sacred. It just adds such a tacky vibe to society.

    What do you think I should do as a Puritan to get help to thrive. Right now I am stuck. I would have made the best Theologian. A very timely one as well.

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    1. Puritan- I think you are 100% correct with regards to popular music, it died years ago and now it promotes sleaze , and to be subjected to have to listen to it is awful. To live our a Puritan life, today, would be really difficult, but I really admire your way of thinking.

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  3. Puritan – I don’t know what your religious beliefs are but if you are interested in getting to know the Puritan outlook more have you read any of the Puritan literature? There’s a lot online, but some of the writers I’ve profited from would be William Gurnall (wrote The Christian in Complete Armour, three volumes), William Law, and William Bridge, all English Puritan writers. Then of course there’s Milton and Bunyan. There are a lot of websites about and for Puritans.
    Hope you find something helpful.

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  4. Hello Bonnyblue

    I discovered your sites after listening listening to an interview of Drew Fraser, author of “The Wasp Question”, where he mentioned Vanishing American. I Think I first started posting comments back in May. My word, how time flies. It has been good to read. I don’t know what happened to vanishing American one?

    I was raised with no religion yeah a lot of the bad influences were dominant. I grew up overweight in front of the television. I am a very serious person, trivial pleasures and distractions have little hold on me since coming of age.All my time was put in to education as that is heavily propagandized. I could not complete my training due to family strife and the health issues so now yeah I am unemployed and unpleasant. I am very easily disgusted .Intelligence wise I am, was first rate, I am Huxley’s best student, read Brave New World cover to cover in one sitting.

    I bought a bible back when I could read. It had flaky gold paint on it that dirtied my hand so I put it to the side.
    I was only just getting in to Anglo-puritanism before my bad troubles. My problem aren’t sourcing Materials its sourcing human help.
    Theologia Germanica

    I can’t believe how the Puritans have been left to rot

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    1. Puritan – thanks for replying. Sorry to hear you aren’t finding what you need — when you say ‘sourcing human help’ do you mean a mentor, or professional help, like someone to talk to, moral support? I know that can be a problem in our society today where people are not as social and neighborly. People are more self-focused and not as connected. Some places people are still warm and neighborly and it’s not as easy to get isolated. if your issues are complicated that makes it hard.

      You mention hearing Drew Fraser in an podcast or radio interview. I haven’t heard that. When his book about the Anglo-Saxons came out he asked (on my old blog) if I would review it, but though I meant to, I never got around to it, to my shame. He seemed like a nice guy and was very congenial. I admired what he was doing in Australia, taking a stand.

      I hope you will find the help you are looking for. I wish you all the best.

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      1. Hello Bonnyblue

        Thank you for your sympathy.

        Yes Fraser definitely deserves a good review among The Anglo-English peoples. Wikipedia says he was born in 1944 so he’s getting on.

        Yes He blames the Puritans for our modern problems.

        His logic is rather “abstract” to say the least and hurtful. Everybody can just blame the Puritans.

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      2. Well, well, well Bonnyblue

        What help don’t I need?

        The family is broken.

        I have become special needs due to nonsense that could have easily been prevented. We run out of water sometimes causing significant stressors.
        I cannot handle typical foodstuffs , sleep problems and more embarrassing problems.
        I am effectively housebound, no home sweet home here.
        The years have passed causing character pain, I am just an expensive burden.

        I tried to find help

        I used to believe if I did my best I could get somewhere on my own but then I realized I need help.
        I wanted to get to the USA and do my Theogician Clergy Puritan thing. So I wrote to all the Protestant Denominations to no avail. It was very hurtful getting rejected by America. Yeah I cannot afford chaplaincy.

        Family hates my opinions they have given just nonsense problems .My ascetic good nature has been my problem here if I had been greedy I might have had a life .

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